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Ideas from ordinary people to reinvent Football

Yes reward by half time results is a great idea. Even with the knockout matches in the Champions League. Take as an example the semi-final 2019 Ajax - Tottenham. Ajax wins out in London 1-0 (fh1-0 & sh0-0) In the return home Ajax lost with 2-3 (fh 2-0 & sh0-3). Ajax wins 2 times a half and draws 1 half.
Tottenham wins only 1 half and draws 1. But Ajax missed out the final because of the away goals rules. Would be better to judge knockout matches by internal results than by away goals.
Elbert Platje Amsterdam Netherlands.

What annoys me a lot is the video referee. Very good that we use new technology, but they have too much power. They stop the game for far too long with their goal checks.
Do just like in hockey, let the players decide when there should be a video check. Each team can request a video check twice. If they are right, they will keep their check. If the applicant is wrong then one goes off.
Matt O'Connor Leeds England.