Who owns football?

Is it UEFA or FIFA? The clubs? Is it taken over by the big money? Or is it from the fans? Kind of a bold question isn't it? Football is not a possession, but what makes the game so great?

  Let's look at it from a different angle.
  What makes football FOOTBALL?
  Just one word:


Passion from the fans to the game and for their clubs. Everyone knows the feeling of the underdog and the magic moments when they rises above themselves. David against Goliath. And the fans who talk about this for decades.

Unfortunately, the game is hijacked by boring tactics. Rich clubs play their matches smartly and economically. Partly due to data analysis, they managed to demolish the lesser opponent in 90 minutes. Not with attractive football but very calculated. Statistics and money are leading and dispel the passion.

The game and their fans deserve better. In football, there must be a reward for passion and pugnacity. That's why I think the existing points system is bankrupt. By changing the point system by giving away point for each played half, there will be a fairer reflection of the competition. For details read the homepage.

With more rewards, the big clubs who fight for the championships must play offensive attractive football to win both halves. While the underdogs have a bigger change to cash in on their fighting spirit. Even if they lose the first half with 0-4 than they still have a chance to collect 1 or 2 points in the second half. If the cake is bigger, more people can eat, more happy faces.

What are your thoughts about making football more attractive? How can we innovate the game for the good? Let us know, all respectful and serious responses will be posted on this site.

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