Make Football Fair

Make Football Fair

...Make football fair...

Making Football more exciting by changing the reward system! Reward effort with points per 45 minutes.

       - 1 point for winning a match.
       - 2 points for winning a half.
       - 1 point for a 45 minutes draw.
Example: Liverpool vs Everton fulltime 3-2 halftime 3-0
         Liverpool wins the match          1 point
         Liverpool wins the first half     2 points
         Liverpool lost the second half    0 point
         ------------------------------------------ +
         Liverpool gets                    3 point
         Everton gets 2 points for winning the second half.

Example: Arsenal - Newcastle fulltime 5-2 halftime 3-0
         Arsenal get the matchpoint        1 point
         Arsenal wins the first half       2 points
         Arsenal draw the second half      1 point
         ------------------------------------------ +
         Arsenal gets                      4 points
         Newcastle gets 1 point for draw in the second half.

Example: Leicester - Stoke fulltime 4-0 halftime 2-0
         Leicester wins the matchpoint     1 point
         Leicester wins the first half     2 points
         Leicester wins the second half    2 points
         ------------------------------------------ +
         Leicester gets the max result of  5 points
         Stoke had a bad day               0

Example: Chelsea - Manchester United  fulltime 2-2 halftime 1-1
         Both teams get 1 point for draw in the first half
                   and 1 point for draw in the second half
         No winner, so there is no matchpoint. They both receive 2 points.